Hertz Lithium is a North American energy materials company committed to sustainable long-term lithium resource investment and extraction.

The company currently holds more than 100 promising lithium resource claims in the heart of Arizona's pegmatite belt region, roughly 105 kilometers northwest of Phoenix.

2,300+ Acres of Potential Ore-Grade Lithium in the United States.

Lithium is in High Demand.

What factors are driving this price increase?


01. Supply Chain Bottlenecks.

“COVID-related imbalances” in manufacturing in Asia and other major markets, as well as crude state interference in these regions have caused disruption in the supply chain that may continue over the next year.

02. Electric Vehicle Sales.

Lithium batteries are replacing the fuel in combustion engines in a variety of applications. As the EV market grows, auto manufacturers are now struggling to obtain enough raw materials to keep up with demand, driving up the price of lithium significantly.

03. Limited Mining Projects.

A lithium bear market in 2019 has limited the amount of new mining projects in-progress. Producers are now trying to get new projects off the ground in response to 2021’s bull run. However, these producers “often face environmental opposition and cumbersome permitting processes” when trying to extract the metal.


Price Increase for Lithium Carbonate in 2021


Price Increase for Lithium Hydroxide in 2021


The Opportunity:

Hertz Lithium's Spodumene Property

Hertz Lithium holds 112 Bureau of Land Management mineral lode claims totaling 2,314 acres or 9.6 sq.km in the Maricopa County of Arizona. This area is known as the Spodumene Property.

The Spodumene Property is approximately 10 km southwest of the city of Wickenburg. The area is easily accessible through the public road network and is approximately 105 km northwest of Phoenix. The Property is part of the Arizona Pegmatite Belt tectonic domain.


Spodumene at a Glance


Hertz Lithium holds 112 Bureau of Land Management mineral lode claims totaling 2,314 acres or 9.6 sq.km in the Maricopa County of Arizona.

Resource Potential

Work to date indicates at least seven distinct pegmatite bodies on the Property. These dykes could increase the mineral potential of the property to between 330,000 and 3.0M tonnes of lithium.



Two grab samples performed by SGS Canada in 2017 exceeded 20,000 ppm of lithium. The most mineralized grab sample had 34,850 ppm of lithium.

The mineral potential of the property is well demonstrated given the favourable geological setting of the Project, the size and prospects of the pegmatite systems on the Property, the size and distribution of mineralized pegmatites on the Property, the number of samples with Li grades within rock that are within these ranges, and other lithium hosted pegmatite deposits.


- SGS Canada (2017) for RedZone Resources


A Novel Chemical Extraction Process

Current Process

Raw ore is crushed, de-slimed and floated. Magnetic separation is used to extract Li2O in concentrations under 6%

Novel Process

Raw ore is first microwave-roasted to transform spodumene to soluble phases. Water leaching with NaOH recovers lithium and removes unreacted chemicals.


Further acid leaching recovers lithium. Final purification reaches up to 90% lithium recovery.


Meet The Team


Jason Bahnsen

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Bahnsen is a mining engineer with over 30 years of experience in natural-resources finance, mine development and operations. He previously served as CEO, President of Strata Minerals Inc. (now Revival Gold Inc.), and is current President and CEO of Tempus Resources Limited and CEO of Northern Lights Resources. 


Dr. Robert Barker


Dr. Barker has more than 45 years of experience  in successful, multi-commodity mining exploration, with 29 years in exploration and acquisition leadership. Dr. Barker was the Chief Executive Officer for Evolving Gold Corp., a gold exploration company with mineral property interests in Nevada and Wyoming, U.S.A.


Zara Kanji

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Kanji is the founder of Zara Kanji & Associates, CPA, established in 2004. She is experienced in financial reporting compliance for junior listed companies, taxation, general accounting, financial reporting and value-added advisory services for individuals and companies.



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